Six ways to motivate consumers to choose your brand

By definition, motivation is the reason we act and behave in a certain way. We all have needs and wants, and it’s the desire to fulfil these needs that motivates our choices. This applies to all aspects of life, including the decisions we make when choosing a new brand over the competition.

Consumer motivation is driven by the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of your audience. If your brand fulfils their needs, this will motivate your customers to make a repeat purchase. If not, they’ll look elsewhere to fulfil this need and you’ll lose their custom. Once you fully understand your audience and harness their motivations, you can make their decision-making process a lot simpler.

We’ve put together some top tips on how to motivate your consumers to buy:

1. Promote positivity

Positivity is powerful. It has the ability to inspire, to persuade, to motivate. You can win customers with a positive approach in all aspects of your marketing. For example, an engaging retail experience with strong customer service will generate positive emotions, and promoting positivity will only encourage sales — it can act as a hook, building customer loyalty — people like to feel good. 🙌 😊

2. Make it about them

Make sure it’s not all about you. When you’re attempting to influence another person’s thinking, it’s important to focus on the benefits of your product or service and what it can do for them. Try to avoid self-centric language that refers directly to the speaker: ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My,’ and ‘Mine,’ or ‘We,’ ‘Us,’ and ‘Our’. Using words like ‘You’ and ‘Your’ are much more persuasive because they refer directly to the listener.

3. Offer testers or samples

There comes a point in the buying process when a decision has to be made. Based on a number of factors, your customer will either commit to a purchase or they will turn away. Testers or samples will enable uncertain customers to try your product before committing to a purchase, giving you the opportunity to build a relationship and convert them.

4. Encourage loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the best ways you can secure repeat business, and building brand loyalty is key. Rewarding consumers for their custom with stronger offers or incentives is an excellent way to motivate repeat custom, at which point you should use your brand message to identify with the consumer, form an attachment and inspire loyalty.

5. Communicate a consistent message

Every business needs a consistent voice, consistency is super important. Define your primary target audience, and don’t try to be everything to everyone. Develop a clear a clear and compelling message that can be delivered consistently across all touch points. Get everyone in your business on the same page so they deliver a consistent message whenever they talk about your product. If your offer is clear, then it’s a much easier sell.

6. Improve your brand image

Consumer’s decisions are hugely influenced by their awareness and relationship with your brand. Not only should your brand image reflect your values and message, but it should really engage with your target audience. People choose brands the same way they choose friends, attracted or repelled by a particular sets of characteristics. Your consumer will make their decision on how you make them feel, and building a brand which motivates your buyers won’t happen overnight.

The Food Brand Guys helps our clients to develop a brand proposition that really engages with their target audience, nurturing customer relationships and creating brand loyalty. Get in touch to have a more in-depth chat about the motivational power of branding.