Resources and tools to boost your productivity

We’re always finding new tools and resources that can help us do the job better. For all you brand designers and brand managers out there, here’s a collection of design and marketing resources that we recommend: we’ll update the list as we find new ones!

Yellow Images

Yellow Images is a great resource to find excellent mock-ups that you can use to present concepts and realistic brand visuals.

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Brand Deck

Start building your brand today, using this simple tool to determine who you are. Click below to use our discount code: TheFoodBrandGuys20


What the Font?

Powered by, this instant font identification tool is super-useful for finding the name of a font or similar alternatives.

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Font management just got easier. We use Typeface when we’re exploring and designing typography, which helps to easily determine which font you’re looking for.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

The de facto standard for digital media editing and creation. Use this link for a free trial with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Brilliant stock library of free photos, royalty-free images and videos shared by creators. There seems to be new images every day.



We use Miro as an interactive collaboration tool for our brand workshops. It’s a visual platform with some great tools that allows us to share ideas.

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Freeform is great for sharing early thoughts and ideas internally. It’s great for Apple users, you can doodle ideas on iPad then continue later on your Mac.



Whether you’re sending big video files or final artwork for print, keep creative projects moving forward with WeTransfer: super-easy to select and send.

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Meta Device Library

Images of popular devices created by Meta’s in-house design department. Useful for visualising your digital designs for desktops, tablets, phones and watches.

Meta Devices


If the budget doesn’t allow for custom design, here’s a friendly and versatile icon family with thousands of icons in four distinct styles.

Vector icons