Inspiring creativity in children

Crayola has always been passionate about helping parents and teachers to inspire our kids through creativity. Their mission is to spark the creative spirit that lives in the heart of every child. Our brief was to connect with the target audience and showcase the incredible range of creative tools available.

The insight

The Crayola brand has a fantastic history and heritage, their products are familiar to most of us and evoke many childhood memories. Along with it’s colourful history, the key differentiator for Crayola is quality.

The idea

Our approach was to develop a strategy for social content to engage our audience and provide a context for discovery. The idea was to tap into that brand equity and shine a spotlight on the product range with engaging content that would inspire children (and parents) to start creating.

"The Food Brand Guys are committed to delivering the best possible results for all of our campaigns, with tons of enthusiasm."
European Senior Brand Manager, Crayola 5 star rating