Giulio’s Gelato

Real Italian indulgence

The secret of Italian gelato lies in its artisanal preparation and the careful selection of fresh and natural ingredients. Giulio’s embodies those qualities, so we jumped at the chance to try all ten flavours.

This is a rebrand for an established product that was already popular in local restaurants. We worked closely with the founders of Giulio’s to reposition their gelato business for retail. The brand identity is centred around the hand-written signature, which makes the design feel personal and authentic. The idea was to communicate the artisan Italian gelato experience, playing on the notion of authenticity to elevate the brand.

The new identity helps to position Giulio’s as a more premium product, which has been applied across every consumer touchpoint; from product packaging to the freezer units. Honestly, it tastes delicious, and these scoops have never looked so divine.

"The new design elevates our brand to the next level. We’re really excited about the next chapter for Giulio’s."
Founder, Giulio’s Gelato 5 star rating