Three reasons to consider CGI for your pack shots

Firstly, CGI product shots are everywhere. You might not have noticed, but about 75% of the ‘photographs’ you see in the IKEA catalogue are computer generated images. What looks like a photo of a room full of furniture is not always a photo.

CGI rendering techniques can make product shots much easier to create these days. The Food Brand Guys™ created these pack shots images to showcase the range of plant-based food from Miami Burger Company. This is a great example of where CGI can be used to create simple pack shots, which are much more cost-effective and versatile than studio photography.


Logistics can be costly, transporting food or perishable goods to a studio setting is fraught with headaches. With CGI your investment goes into creative direction, 3D modelling and texture mapping. There is no cost for a photographer, stylist or studio hire.


If you need several variations or different angles, then it can be quicker to render all the images you need using CGI. If the packaging artwork gets updated, we simply apply a new texture map and render some new images.


To compete in a crowded marketplace you need high-quality pack shots to showcase your product. With CGI we have complete control over the image, making sure the lighting and materials look fantastic, and without the need for additional retouching.

This is not to say that CGI has replaced all the brilliantly talented photographers out there. We absolutely need those guys to give us something different, especially for a lifestyle setting or a more realistic environment. But there are instances when CGI does makes sense, so let me know if I can offer some suggestions on your product pack shots 🍔 📸 😁